About Luella Linen

 In the spring of 2013 I flew to Ho Chi Minh City to meet with a number of different textiles cooperatives to discuss the manufacture of a small range of hand-embroidered bedding made of 100% pure luxury linen and a selection of beautiful hand stitched mulberry silk and velvet quilts.

Embroidery is a 700 year old tradition in Vietnam.  It is also a very popular extracurricular activity.

I found a workshop in the countryside that employs around a dozen local women.  They are all highly skilled artisans and every piece is finished with great attention and care. They were delighted to work with my designs to create a unique product at an affordable price.  The range combines classic luxury with a contemporary twist.  Our linen is a very soft, light and fluid material, with a rich and luxurious feel, so it’s lovely to sleep in.  Luella Linen is an exquisite product and therefore the ultimate in bedroom luxury.


- Theresa Wallis-Smith, Founder, Luella Linen